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About me 

Anna Belan is a theater artist, painter, illustrator. She was born in 1978 in Donetsk, lives and works in Moscow. Anna enjoys experimenting with mixed media, but she is most inspired by oil on canvas as her main medium.


She took part in the creation of several films at the film studio. Gorky and Mosfilme, collaborated with theaters in Moscow. As a costume designer, she designed the performances at the Moscow theater “Workshop P. Fomenko” “Russian man on rendez-vous”, “Gift”, “Ruslan and Lyudmila”, “Olympia”.


Currently, Anna Belan teaches academic drawing and painting and composition of stage costumes at the Russian Institute of Theater Arts (GITIS) at the Department of Scenography. Participant of many group, personal and international exhibitions.

“Drama education helped me to look differently at contemporary art. I create stories for my characters exploring the fine lines of the soul. Life here and now is my main source of inspiration. Life fascinates me like a light play of shadows. "

In the modern world, it is difficult to preserve human feelings and emotions. Time tirelessly slips away, it reflects off simple objects, faces of people and wildlife, creating a new reality of things we are used to. In paintings, you can stop time, contemplating and observing the beauty of the modern world. In her works, Anna paints close people, landscapes and still lifes that surround her. Her works of art in a soft color palette that create a special emotional fullness, leaving the viewer alone.

Participant of Russian and international exhibitions, joint and personal projects. Works are in the State Central Theater Museum named after A. A. Bakhrushin, the Russian State Library for Art, in private collections in Russia and France.


2006 - Member of the Moscow Union of Artists of the Moscow Union of Artists

2021 - Member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia.



2004 - Graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School with a degree in theater and film costume design, master of the course, People's Artist of the Russian Federation E.P. Maklakova.

1998 - Graduated from the Moscow Art School of Applied Arts. Kalinin

1994 - Graduated from the Children's Art School No. 2 named after V.F. Stozharova





2018 - "Everything that memory cannot keep" to the Federation Council

2017 - "Painting and Costumes", in the House-Museum of K. Stanislavsky

2016 - "Permeated through with imagination" Moscow theater "Workshop P. Fomenko"





2021 - International competition “Art. Perfection. Recognition ”ART EXCELLENCE AWARDS Moscow, Russia. Gold

2016 - Exhibition project “I.S. Turgenev in theater and cinema. Premieres. Dates. Names "State Museum of A.S. Pushkin (Moscow)

2015 - Exhibition of the Association of Theater, Film and Television Artists of the Moscow Union of Artists (House of Artists on Kuznetsky Most, Moscow)

2014 - "Season results" (Moscow)

2004-2005 - Exhibitions "Season Results" (Moscow)

2003-2005 - exhibitions of young theater artists "Klin-2", "Klin-3" (Moscow)

2003 - International Exhibition of Scenography and Theater Architecture "Prague Quadrennial" (Prague, Czech Republic)

2003 - exhibition at the State Cultural Center-Museum of V.S. Vysotsky (Moscow)

2003 - XXVII Exhibition "Works of Young Artists of Moscow" (Moscow House of Artists)

2002 - "Works of Moscow Theater, Film and Television Artists" (Moscow House of Artists)

2001 - "From sketch to performance" (Central House of Actor named after A. A. Yablochkina, Moscow)





2018 - Opening of the exhibition in the Federation Council of Anna Belan's paintings "Everything that the memory cannot keep"

2018 - Exhibition of theatrical artist and painter Anna Belan opened in the Federation Council, 02.10.2018

2017 - Publication of works of authorship in the methodological publication “Stage costume composition. Second half of the 19th century. A.P. Chekhov. "Three sisters". Moscow: Red Square

2016 - Catalog for the exhibition "Permeated through the imagination"

2016 - Opening of the exhibition of Anna Belan "Permeated through the imagination ...", September 12, 2016

2016 - Anna Belan's exhibition "Permeated with imagination" will open on the New Stage of the Fomenko Workshop 09/06/2016

2016 - New season and new exhibition in the famous Workshop 09/13/2016

2015 - Publication of works of authorship in the methodological publication "Stage Costume Composition". Moscow: Red Square. 2015

2015 - Interview. One day at the theater. 11.10.2015

2014 - Ruslan and Lyudmila Larisa Kanevskaya, "All Theater", 06/03/2014





Communicative grammar of the English language. - M .: Publishing house "GITIS" (2021)

Director's skill. - M .: Publishing house "GITIS" (2021)

Spector G.V. Years, Theaters, People of the theater. - M .: Publishing house "GITIS" (2021)

Manzius K. Moliere. Theaters, audience, actors of his time. - M .: Publishing house "GITIS" (2021)

Mukhina O. Five Pieces. - M .: Publishing house "GITIS" (2019)




2016 - The play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" laureate of the "Golden Mask" award Dir. Popovski I. ass. thin by costume

2015 - The play "Olympia" Dir. Tsyganov E.

2014 - The play "Ruslan and Lyudmila" Dir. M. Krylov by costume

2013 - Play "The Gift" Dir. E. Kamenkovich, costume designer

2012 - The play "Russian people on rendez-vous", "Dir. E. Kamenkovich, costume designer

2007 - Film "Senator" Tarasov S. ass. costume designer

2006 - The film "Real Santa Claus" Dir. Morozov, costume designer

2005 - Film "The Last Funeral" Dir. Fokin. V. ass. costume designer

2005 - The series "Nine Months" Dir. Rezo Gigigeshvile ass. costume designer

2004 - The series "Own Man" Dir. Beloshnikov ass. costume designer

2003 - Film "The Golden Head on the Block" Dir. Ryabikov


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